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Interns & Alumni Service Center
Tel: 07-3617141#3052
E-Mail: alumni@mail.nkmu.edu.tw

In the period of marine junior college of Kaohsiung set up in 1967, our school established Interns and Employment Service Office to handle the employment services jobs concerning students' shipboard operations practice on the sea or practice in the ship companies on land and employment services of the alumni. Then, in the period of National Kaohsiung Marine Institute of Technology, which was elevated in 1997, the Interns and Employment Service Office was changed to Interns and Employment Service Division, which was attached to Office of Research and Development Affairs. Besides, in 2003 our school established Alumni Service Center to promote the services jobs for the alumni. After the University was renamed National Kaohsiung Marine University on February 2004, our school established Interns and Alumni Service Center. And on August 2004 Interns and Alumni Service Center was newly formed as a first-class administrative unit, that is to say, our school united Interns and Employment Service Division and Alumni Service Center that were attached to Office of Research and Development Affairs in order to provide the services concerning the reinforcement to promote the students' off-campus practice and communication, students' employment and career counseling. In addition, Interns and Alumni Service Center focused on various related services jobs of the alumni because we hope to strengthen sense of belonging to our school in order to become the progress motivation of our school.

The business of Interns and Alumni Service Center were divided into 3 major parts.
I. Students' Off-campus Practice / Internship Training:
To arrange for the students to practice/get internship training off-campus. Handling of the official documents and certificates. Statistics of the dates and records of the practice/the internship training.
II. Employment Counseling Service:
To provide the information of employment, advancing to a higher school, and studying abroad for students' reference. Handling of lecture courses, research and study of employment and industry. To assist to handle various examinations of occupational certification.
III. Alumni Service:
Correspondence of the alumni. To update the new information of the alumni. To publish “National Kaohsiung Marine University Alumni Communication”. To make the alumni know the development of our school and seek the financial support of the alumni. From the 2007 academic year, our center formed 2 organizations according to the quality of the business. Besides the director of our center, there are 1 section chief and 1 officer in Interns and Alumni Service Division. Moreover, there are 1 section chief and 1 contract administrative assistant in Alumni Service Division.